Ghorza – Bundle


Access to Painting Guide and Video Tutoriales on Ghorza. Both versions will be downloaded; Spanish and English.

  • The Painting guide contains 153 pages.
  • The Video Tutorial has a duration of 1 hour and a half.

You will find materials, tips, Sergio Calvo’s method, color theory, color recipes and more in addition to;

  • How to paint orc skin.
  • How to paint a mask.
  • How to paint different elements; leather, wood, metal…
  • How to paint hair.
  • How to paint eyes.
  • How to paint reds.


I’m Sergio Calvo and I’ve been a professional miniature painter for more than fifteen years, teaching for over ten years. In this Tutorial you will find a simple way of painting, using “capibases” a different and very easy way of painting your miniatures. In every step I share my knowledge and tips for to improve your skills and keep enjoying this wonderful hobby!